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Expert, Witness 3/25

Expert, Witness 3/25 published on 18 Comments on Expert, Witness 3/25

Rowan: Pas . . . all this stuff about your dad . . . he sounds violent, and it’s not normal.

Pas: No, he was hardly ever violent! I distracted him, you see.

Violet: That shouldn’t have been your responsibility. Especially not when you were just a kid.

Pas: Oh, don’t worry, I was up to it!

And it’s not as if it did me any harm, is it? I think I turned out all right.

Violet: Hey, look at the time! Our scheduled workout is up.

Pas: . . . what, and that means we can just stop?

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I’m hoping that this strip ends with the others teaching Pascentia how to relax, and they go to the aquarium or get a drink together.

I’m hoping…

While that would also be pretty spiffy, right now I’m hoping that Pas is out of sorts because Rowan and Violet have stirred her up with their (Admittedly well-meaning) poking at her trauma instead of Pas regularly working herself to exhaustion just in case Daddy Comes Back. (“We can just stop?”)


Also, Pas’s sibling is Agent D10, right? Who’s always bragging about their husband? Which is now striking me as less obnoxious bragging and more reassuring themself that someone loves and values them & letting others know it too, to make sure no one thinks of them the way their father did. “See, I have value! I deserve love!” Yikes.

their bragging reads to me as more of a continual assertion of devotion to their husband,(possibly as pushback on the idea that they’d EVER leave him because he’s damaged) as Del is the one who got him started both times, but your take is valid, too.

Probably a bit of both, tbh.

Plus a more general “I deserve to feel good about myself and take pride in my accomplishments (including landing this absolute gem for a husband), and anyone who has a problem with that, I want to actively discourage them from being part of my life.”

Far more understandable than the “smug married” vibe that I had perceived originally. And tbh I had forgotten about D10’s husband’s condition. Love the subtlety & nuance in your characters, Erin! Always layered, never all one thing or another.

Most of my ‘abuse’ was shifting goalposts. Largely because my father suffers from his own mental illnesses, but never had the benefit of diagnosis and treatment. Still, it really left some permanent scars on my psyche, even though I understand it better as an adult.

When you’re a kid and you’re repeatedly promised x if you do y, then you do y, and you never receive x and you ask about it and you’re told you’ll get it if you do z, so you do z, and you never get x… that’s shifting goalposts.

He thought it was good parenting to make everything into a reward, that it would make me motivated, but he didn’t have the mental capacity to remember the things he’d promised me. Despite being a very smart man, he had a very shit memory. I have a poor memory too.

It meant, also, that I sometimes didn’t get critical things like curtains for my room because it turns out it’s physically impossible for me to sleep in light.

Anyway, the side effect of this is that I’m pretty unmotivated when at home. I’m not a self starter. I work fine at work, because everyone else is working. But…

Weird sidebar but if Pascentia didn’t have albinism, would she have similar coloring to her sibling? If you’ve even thought about that. And totes call me out if that’s a bad question.

Not a bad question, and yes, they’d look similar — they’re biological full siblings.

Pas has the pale-yellow hair, instead of the basically-white you usually see, because that seems to be the norm for albino people from dark-skinned families. In the references I found, at least.

There was an albino African American in my high school. He had blonde kinky hair and freckles. His eyes weren’t really red, more of a light reddish amber yellow.

There’s degrees of albanisim though, we also had an albino girl who had translucent hair, skin that was almost see through and red eyes.

I had a little bit of a crush on both of them.

The two albinos I know (Both of European background) are both pale skinned blondes with blue eyes, colouration-wise hardly looking different from any of the stereotypically pale Northern European types if you didn’t know there was a medical condition involved. The biggest giveaway was how heavy their glasses were (albinism almost always comes with vision problems).

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