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Expert, Witness 4/25

Expert, Witness 4/25 published on 9 Comments on Expert, Witness 4/25

[They convinced her not to stay.]

Violet: Should we . . . do something? Try to make her understand?

Rowan: Right now? Not sure there’s any point.

Pas isn’t living in that house any more. I’m sure the older sibling got out too — as soon as possible. And it’s not like she’s using her illusions as an excuse to hurt anyone else. We should probably just be . . . well, spotters.

Like with the weights — but for emotions. If she can’t keep holding the truth at a distance, we step in and keep it from crushing her.

Violet: Wonder how the sibling feels about all this.

Rowan: Same — but we don’t know them. And what are the odds we’ll ever meet?

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