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Expert, Witness 5/25

Expert, Witness 5/25 published on 10 Comments on Expert, Witness 5/25

Violet: So, Pas — is that sibling of yours also in the military?

Pas: Dexie? Gosh, no. They work at the Natural History Museum.

Used to live in another city, but a few years ago, their husband got sick. He needs specialized care, so the two of them moved to Central.

Luckily, there are museums everywhere — and Dexie had glowing references. They’re probably tucked away in a nice quiet basement as we speak, doing something soothing, patient, and low-key . . .


Del: Hijacker is neutralized, darling! Do you have the controls yet?

D10: I am hacking as fast as I can!

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Talk about timely dramatic cutaways. 😛

Good to see D and D10 working together outside the office. Now, for the oddsmaking:

7:1- D and D10’s involvement is incidental. They were on their way TO a mission and just happened to be on a hijacked flight.

23:1- Fire Spirit-sanctioned prevention of tragedy doesn’t mean you actually know HOW to defuse the magi-bomb, just that it needs done. WiB is on the other suspect flight, and is currently snaffling drinks from the galley sitting next to the cockpit door, bold as brass. WiB’s interim partner is back in coach, wondering with whom he’s been partnered.

15:1- the 7:1, but they were on the way back from a mission.

This is airship, not aircraft. It IS actually possible they boarded already hijacked flight mid-air. (With aircraft, wake turbulence makes the possibility of connecting something to standard plane mid-flight very theoretical.)

However, I would find quite likely that if they got some Fire Spirit prediction, it’s specific enough to send agents to suspected flight but not enough to tell them exactly what to do.

Note that there doesn’t seem to be any bomb involved. D10 is hacking control of the airship.

Question: do you bother drawing Pascentia’s heartsword scar or do you not bother since it’s so close to her skin tone it’s practically unseeable anyway?

Back when I introduced her, I planned to draw it…then I looked up *why* scar tissue is lighter than the surrounding skin, and it’s because the damaged skin cells produce less melanin. Which Pascentia doesn’t have any of in the first place. So the tone would be exactly the same.

(There’s a difference in texture if you get up close, but my art style isn’t subtle or detailed enough to depict that in most shots.)

Work at a natural history museum? Maybe he’s a Librarian?

Dexie uses they/them

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