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Expert, Witness 6/25

Expert, Witness 6/25 published on 5 Comments on Expert, Witness 6/25

For readers who support the comic on Patreon (and who need something Calm and Soothing to balance out this story arc), a new wallpaper is up:

D10: How’s the pilot?

Del: Well, they have a pulse.

I’m placing my healing crystal. But it doesn’t guarantee they’ll wake up. If they have brain damage —

D10: You don’t need to tell me about brain damage!

Del: Darling, I know this is a sensitive situation, but you really mustn’t set yourself up like that.

D10: If we get out of this alive, I will think up an amazing comeback.

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(Think there’s an error in the transcript- Del is saying the last two lines, but I think the last one is D10!)

I wonder if the brain damage bit is related to D10 themselves, or their Darling, Wonderful, Fascinating Husband…

I’m almost certain it is. D10’s brilliant, sensitive, wonderful, generous, witty, kind husband suffered from fugue states(past tense), lacks depth perception, and is obscured by the glare off the glass in the frame for D10 and his wedding photo yesterday.

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