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Expert, Witness 7/25

Expert, Witness 7/25 published on 5 Comments on Expert, Witness 7/25

D10: Autopilot still not responding . . .

Agent! It’s time for some of your kind of hacking. Slice that whole chunk of crystal right off the panel.

Del: It would be my pleasure, darling.

. . . does this mean you’ve trapped the whole curse in that facet?

D10: It is adorable that you think that’s how spelltech works.

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I can remember encountering this thing at work.

I’m focused on working on a problem, while my pager is going off so frequently pressing buttons on it is pointless. “Hey, Fred, can you shut off all of our web servers?”

“Sure. That’ll fix the issue?”

“Um, no. If it’d fix the issue, I’d be doing that, rather than the work I’m doing to fix the issue, it’s just that’s where 99% of the pages are coming from. And it’s not like it’s working anyway.”

It’s been years since I was doing that job, and I’m still baffled how someone could think that shutting down the primary application we supported would be a “fix”.

On the one hand, D’s assumption makes sense to some extent. “You want me to hard-disconnect something! that must mean the bad thing is confined to that something.”

I’m betting D10’s actual logic is more along the lines of using a bit of the ultraviolence to take out the autopilot and they’ll just land the airship manually. how hard can it be to descend and slow down, really?

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