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Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 1/6

Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 1/6 published on 4 Comments on Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 1/6

Here begins my great experimental attempt to do a connected mini-storyline in Sunday strips.

It all takes place on the day of the mine collapse, which might get confusing as the daily strips keep marching ahead in the timeline. Just roll with it.


School’s out.

Thorn: Hawthorn!

Hey there, tadpole. How’s it going?

Hawthorn: Fine.
(poit poit)

Thorn: Your mom had to go out of town, and your dad isn’t back until tomorrow, so she asked me to pick you up . . .

Hawthorn: I can’t go with anyone but Mom or Dad unless they give the password.

Thorn: The what? Tansy didn’t give me any — listen, you know that it’s me, right?

Hawthorn: Uh-huh.

Thorn: And you do believe your mom sent me?

Hawthorn: Mmhmm.
(poit poit)

Thorn: So how about if we just head home?

Hawthorn: I promised I wouldn’t unless you have the password.

Thorn: . . .

Tansy? Hi. I know it’s only been like five minutes, but I need some help . . .

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