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Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 2/6

Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 2/6 published on 6 Comments on Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 2/6

It’s typical in Ceannic cities for the first floor of an apartment building to have a business, catering to the needs of the residents and making extra money by serving anyone else who walks in. Rowan and Violet, that’s where their gym is. Thorn gets a very exciting laundromat.

…however, I eventually decided Tansy’s building was a duplex on a hill, so “downstairs” means “down the rock stairs that have been built/carved into the slope“.

Thorn: Hyacinth? It’s your uncle. I may be a little late getting home. Hawthorn won’t follow me without some password.

Hyacinth: Password?

Tansy: Yeah. I can’t get your dad to pick up at all, while your mom says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and to figure it out on my own . . .

Hyacinth: Try “Franklin Roosevelt.”

Thorn: What, the wacky alien from that sci-fi program Tansy loves?

Hyacinth: Uh-huh.

Thorn: Franklin Roosevelt?

Thorn: . . . Okay then.

Hyacinth: Years ago, I read it in some Safety Ideas For Children book. Mom and Dad humored me about it . . . I guess Hawthorn took it seriously.

Thorn: Well, it’s a good thing for both of us that you remembered.

When do you usually eat dinner? I picked up a thing of stew at the bistro downstairs. We can heat it up any time . . .

Hyacinth: Did you specify for them to leave on the side all the things Hawthorn won’t eat?

Thorn: . . .

. . . I will be back in a minute.

Hyacinth: Get some dessert while you’re there!

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