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Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 3/6

Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 3/6 published on 4 Comments on Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 3/6

Thorn (thinking): Here I am, at my sister’s flat . . . The kids are pretty much watching themselves, I can’t work from here, and I’m all caught up on social networks.

Time for a cleaning montage.


Hawthorn: What are you doing?!

Thorn: Hawthorn? I’m just tidying some things up . . .

Hawthorn: Those are mine!

Thorn: I wasn’t stealing anything! Here, you can have them back.

Hawthorn: I had them set up, and you ruined it!

Thorn: What?

Hawthorn: I’m allowed to have setups!

THorn: I’m sorry, I didn’t . . .


Hyacinth: He’s allowed to have setups, Uncle Thorn.

Thorn: Yeah, okay, I know that now.

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Wait, does Hawthorn have a syndrome or condition or something?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he does..but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t. Part of me thinks he is somewhere are the Autistic spectrum, though he could just be a smart and particular little boy. Kids can be picky about foods and how they have their things organized sometimes.

Interesting, I didn’t think anything like that. I saw him get up set about his set-up being disturbed and immediately thought he had some kind of still life in progress and the setup was, formerly, the model.
I used to have assignments to make similar arrangements and paint or photograph the same display from multiple angles at different times of day as practice. It helps you to learn the differences light, shadow, perspective and angles can make.

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