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Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 6/6

Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 6/6 published on 11 Comments on Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 6/6

And this concludes our three-month uncle-niece bonding session.

(Never again, readers. Next time I want to tell a short 6-page story, you’re getting a week of back-to-back Sundays.)


Thorn: Listen, last time I checked, “changeling” wasn’t a slur. But that’s not the kind of thing good people Just Know. It doesn’t work based on logic. I mean, fifty years ago —

— the go-to word for people like us was “Iud”, and —

Hyacinth: O_<

Thorn: — yeah, that.

But in Sønheic, in translation, it’s still the go-to non-offensive word.

Hyacinth: Really?

Thorn: It’s the one I use with Leif! It’s not just “obvious” what’s okay. You have to look up the context.

As for the other thing . . . You’re only human. You’re gonna have unpleasant thoughts sometimes. Sometimes you catch yourself and rethink. Other times you already know they’re wrong, and they pop into your head anyway. You can’t beat yourself up over that. Especially when what you’re actually doing is tremendous.

Hyacinth: But other people don’t — I mean, you don’t think things like —

Thorn: Says who? I have PTSD, kitten. I get the worst stuff popping up in my head.

Hyacinth: Like what?

Thorn: Well — I —

. . .

I’ll tell you one. But only if you promise not to tell your mom.

Hyacinth: Sure.

Thorn: — —– — — — –

Hyacinth: Ahh, Uncle Thorn, I’m so sorry! It’s not your fault and you’re a good person and you deserve to love yourself!!

Thorn: Same to you, chickadee. Same to you.

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Was the word ‘lud’ or ‘iud’? I’m having trouble telling.

Probably “iud”, since the name of their ethnic group is “iuilic”. I think it might be intended as a parallel to “yid”, which refers to a Jewish person and is a neutral term in Yiddish (you can see the shared root) but is considered offensive in English.

A question to the author: what made you think that it is better if the audience doesn’t know?

The focus was supposed to be on Thorn’s relationship with the kids, not on his trauma. If I went into detail, it would overshadow the rest of this story, and it would feel too abrupt to end here instead of addressing it further.

Plus, it foreshadows a later reveal, and gives readers something to chew over in the meantime.

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