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Fake News AU

Fake News AU published on 14 Comments on Fake News AU

“We have candles…” “What are they?” “They are candles!

Scenes from the universe where Leif hosts the Daily Show, and Thorn has a spinoff where he shouts a lot. Because I was specifically challenged not to do it the other way around.



Leif: People have accused me of changing my name to “hide my Sønheic heritage.” Really?

Have you seen the ears? Nothing is getting hidden here!


Thorn: It’s the ɛstʀagɔ̃ kɔ̃disjɔ̃. The N’s are silent. Unlike me.

Leif: We have a correspondent who is the world’s biggest Rhódon nerd. I have a recording of him listing all the names your character is known by . . .

Thorn: . . . and they sent me the actual prop used for the Rose Heartsword in the Epic of Rhódon trilogy! I am in nerd heaven right now.

Leif (singing): Can I interest you . . . in Szélanyanatt? Maybe something with a wreathy candle hat?

Thorn: I’m intrigued! Keep singing.

Leif: We have Tröja!

Thorn: What are they?

Leif: Ugly sweaters. We have lutefisk!

Thorn: What is that?

Leif: No one knows!


Leif: For more on this story, we turn to Lady Stanczia, reporting live —

Stanczia: That’s offensive.

Leif: Sorry! Reporting on the scene . . .

Thorn; And the number-one threat to Ceannis today . . .

1. Dragons!

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How many AUs did you make woman?!

Almost enough… Soon, the sheer weight of Erin’s creativity will tear apart the Starry Vault of Heaven, and create a better world for us all.

or maybe I shouldn’t post before eating breakfast. It’s a toss-up. Either way, AUs are fun!

There is no such thing as enough AUs.

I maintain that there is a theoretical limit, a saturation point, if you will. Laboratory conditions have yet to yield a sufficient density, stacking Coffee Shop AUs on top of Grocery Store AUs on top of University AUs with a thin slice of “Transposed to the Setting of Exalted, but they’re all in a modern-era high school” AU… Just before they lose containment, but surely that is a result unto itself?

Leif eventually gets tired of the TV life and retires to a life under Thorn’s desk

*half-heartedly and with voice straining to hit the high notes* “… and when we light them oh the fun it never stops!”

Strange to see Thorn as the “poorly informed high-status idiot” but I’m loving the jokes/references.

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