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Family Deserts 1/33

Family Deserts 1/33 published on 22 Comments on Family Deserts 1/33

The title is a callback to the super-early storyline Family Dinner, where Thorn’s sister’s family was first introduced.

This time around, we’re meeting some of Larch’s relatives

Earlier that day . . .

Student: Thanks for the help, Coach Lavande!

Larch: My pleasure! Talk to you — no, sing to you later! It’s funny because we’re vocalists!

And with that, I have nothing else to do for the rest of the afternoon . . .


After I answer this call, I’ll have nothing else to do for the rest of the afternoon . . .


Caller: Hello — I’m from the Chrysalis Special Needs Day Camp. Am I speaking to one of the Lavandes?

Larch: Y-yes! Larch Lavande. Is there some kind of problem? Is Hawthorn okay?

Caller: Don’t worry, your child is fine! I’m calling because . . .

We received a call today, from a woman who identified herself as your mother, and said she had your permission to pick Hawthorn up early.

Larch: Wh-what?

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Well, if they’re calling him, it almost definitely means they have not released Hawthorn into her custody. And if she tries coming in person, Hawthorn would not go with her without the code phrase. I am holding out the hope that at the moment the child is safely with camp staff.

Also I can’t remember Tansy and Larch’s work situation. I know Tansy works, but is Larch a house spouse or are they dual income? Or somewhere in between there.

Woah is that a wedding photo with the two white suits? Rad

P.S. I think your content warning got cut off a bit there?

Reads strip; You have my interest.

Reads content warning; I am very worried.

For me this was more of a

reads strip: Oh, this crap

Reads content warning: I thought that’s what I just read in the strip

I mean, to be fair, there were two ways the arc could be taking this start. But one of them is a sort of trauma I don’t expect from this comic. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s covered eventually, but the other trauma seemed clearly on the bucket list for the comic.

Well, now I gotta know what other bucket-list arcs you see coming!

I feel like this is the kind of situation that just…doesn’t show up in fiction. Except in the extreme horror-film/Netflix-true-crime-miniseries version. So if someone hasn’t experienced it IRL, they don’t have any frame of reference to say “aha, this is Trope X, one of the regular lead-ins to Storyline Y.”

…and someone who has experienced it IRL can say “oh, yep, I know exactly where she’s going with this.”

That sounds to me like you’re planning on taking this further than I expected. Especially since I’ve checked the storyline page count and you’re saying this arc is going to be 33 pages, and that sounds like enough of this that it’d be suitable to put a content warning on it… like you did. Oh dear. I’m not going to hold off on reading for a bit, but it’s still good to have some idea of what I’m in for.

I’d rather not try to enumerate a list. It just seems like you’re going through all sorts of casual trauma that people tend to get subjected to, which society has traditionally suggested we just put up with as “people are like that.” You’ve covered some stuff that’s a bit more than that, of course, especially since your bloodsuckers do that literally, but it feels like the casual trauma is the primary focus, and special trauma, like the cave in story, is less so.

Also, this was foreshadowed earlier with Hawthorn requiring Thorn to give a password before accompanying him. I hadn’t really consciously remembered that, but I had a vague sense that this seemed like something that you’d set up already.

Well… that explains why Larch called for help. O.O

… really? Unless the woman who identified as his mother is a head of crime family, I’m still not sure why he would need that much help.

“The title is a callback to the super-early storyline Family Dinner…”

Is it meant to be “desserts,” then, or is it wordplay?

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