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Family Deserts 10/33

Family Deserts 10/33 published on 12 Comments on Family Deserts 10/33

Thorn: Ma’am, let me escort you off the premises, and this can be easy.

Gloriosa: Oh, you misunderstood! It’s not me who lives here, it’s my son!

I thought I’d drop in and surprise him . . . I don’t get to see him, or my sweet grandchildren, often enough . . . But the key-code on my smartcrystal isn’t working!

I bet you anything that awful woman he married changed it behind his back to keep us out —

Why, I hate to speak ill of anyone, but she’s determined to drive a wedge between my baby and his loving parents! Can you imagine?

Thorn: Ma’am, I’m going to need you to walk away now. Come along.

Kale (thinking): She’s talking about Thorn’s sister, right? She must not recognize him . . . at least, I hope she doesn’t . . .

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Khyrin, get that piñata set up before I write a ten chapter story involving this bitch and a pound of C4.

Panel 1: “YOU misunderstood, I didn’t attempt to mislead you!”
Panel 2: I thought your smartcrystal was inside, Gloriosa?
Panel 4: ♪~Smile, you’re on Kale’s Smartcrystal Camera app~♪

I’ll have to double-time it on the paper-machié, I guess.

How can you make it ten chapter with C4? Unless you plan to spoon-feed it to her. Hmmm, can C4 still explode when digested? We can try it. If not, well, it IS toxic …

Oh, you don’t have to write about the explosion. You start with taking her captive, spend some chapters going over holding her and forcing her to admit she’s a toxic bitch who never understood that she’s not god over her kids. Then you bring in her husband (presuming they actually love each other), then you take him out before finally detonating the block strapped to her.

…That piñata ready yet?

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