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Family Deserts 11/33

Family Deserts 11/33 published on 10 Comments on Family Deserts 11/33

Thorn: Last chance, ma’am. If you refuse to leave on your own, I’m perfectly capable of carrying you.

Gloriosa: Listen here, young man!

I’ll have you know, my husband is out front, and he’s much bigger than you!

Thorn: Oh, like that’s hard.

Gloriosa: Ollie! Come back here!

Oh, I’ll get him. You just wait. Ollie!

— hold on! Is that Hawthorn?

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looks like Thorn is waving them up in the third panel?

He is. The idea I guess is to get Hawthorn inside now that Gloriosa is way from the door. Not like some old lady can get past a Knight.

Hawthorn, brace yourself for crazy old lady trying to hug you.

Hawthorn, if she tries to hug you, aim for the shins.

I know I’m late and you might not read this, but…

I’m teaching my kids to knock back knees, myself. Only big concern I’ve got is not being under someone when they go down. But if they “kick and run”, there’s a LOT of angles that can be effective. And if someone comes back to try again months or even years later, leaving them with a limp is a bonus!

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