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Family Deserts 12/33

Family Deserts 12/33 published on 30 Comments on Family Deserts 12/33

Kale: I can keep recording if you —

Thorn: Just get him inside. I’ll take it from here.

Gloriosa: Hawthorn, baby! It’s your Nana!

Come over and give me a hug!

Hawthorn: If I don’t want to be hugged you’re not allowed to make me!

Thorn: Please stay back.

Gloriosa: Don’t be silly! Greeting your Nana with a hug is just manners. — Ugh! Get your hands off me! This is assault!

Thorn: You can’t grab the child, ma’am.

Gloriosa: Don’t put it like that!

Hawthorn, sweetie, I would never hurt you! Your aunt Lupine used to have these same little hangups, and she got over it!

Thorn: His aunt Lupine doesn’t talk to you anymore either.

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“Little hangups” “got over it”

Excuse me while I bury my face in this cat to stave off an incoherent ragefit.

… wait, are those “Little hangups” supposed to be the changeling syndrome? Which is impossible to cure?

Mmmmmyep. And I’m afraid this is entirely within the realm of plausibility for “bullshit autistic people need to deal with IRL”.

this is absolutely bullshit autistic people need to deal with irl

there are so many people on my mom’s side, including my grandmother, who would get this upset if I failed to hug them on cue, and Mom insists we continue to be nice to them because she regrets all the time she spent fighting with her siblings in her youth

I can’t wait till I stop having to deal with them (g-d forbid)

Have your fat fuck husband take a swing you jerky-faced bitch, then you’re gonna see Thorn assault someone.

Ok, that’s a bit much, Oleander has plenty enough objectively unpleasant traits (stalking!! enabling Gloriosa!!) without dipping into using his size as a pejorative.

As a fat woman, Lielac, I thank you. Private health insurance companies refused to sell me insurance based solely on BMI. Before the Affordable Care Act, I had to buy insurance from my state’s high risk health insurance plan. And I’d been careful to keep insurance coverage with a less than 60 day gap for eons to avoid being stuck with a “pre-existing conditions not covered” situation.

… I kept a close eye on the Republicans’ attempts to get rid of “Obamacare” a couple years ago, for sure.

Okay, take that one off the list. Let’s just get this out of the way then, what can’t I use in reference to these fucks?

As a general rule, don’t comment on people’s bodies. You aren’t angry with Oleander because of his weight or the configuration of his genitals, and you aren’t angry with Gloriosa because of her gender; you’re angry with them because of the choices they are making. So call out the behavior instead.

Hugging your Nana in greeting is nice, but respecting people’s boundaries are actual manners Gloriosa.

Hugs are only good from people I *like*, otherwise they’re just cages made of another human. And even then NO SURPRISES.

“…just cages made of another human.”
I’ve never heard unwanted hugs described like that. IT’S PERFECT!!

My son is like Hawthorne. I grew up with no value for my own self, and prices have been paid. Trying to verbalize why “just a hug” can be so damaging has driven me nuts! At least I don’t often need to try anymore (many MANY people are just gone from our lives, and others just … don’t understand, bit at least they’ve stopped “compulsory hugs”). I’ll remember this for future use though, and share it with many. 🥰

Of course, bottom line is it really doesn’t matter if someone UNDERSTANDS, they just must RESPECT. Why is that SO HARD?🤯

I LIKE that Kale is still recording! Her bringing up “assault” makes me think the extra evidence for EXACTLY THAT MOMENT may come on handy.

Ohhh yes.

Thorn and Tansy’s family have learned from experience that Gloriosa’s description of past events will change to whatever fits her needs in the moment. Whether or not it agrees with the facts, other people’s memories, or her own statements from five minutes earlier. And there’s usually just enough truth in it that it *sounds* credible…

So the more hard evidence you keep around to confirm your memories, the better!

I know there is a lot of negative stuff going on here but this page makes me so happy because she’s LOSING. Against EVERYONE. I will likely never get to see this happen anywhere but here and I get to see it HERE and that means a lot to me.

I’m not sure if this is useful to say here, but something is off about the comment box for me. It still works (that’s probably obvious), but most of the text is invisible. Just empty boxes with no labels–although it does show up when I highlight the page, so it’s not gone completely.

It also didn’t remember my name or e-mail after I posted my first comment, although they were there before I posted at all.

Yeah, I’m experimenting with plugins, so things will be a bit sketchy while I figure it out! There’s already a new version of the CSS uploaded that fixes the white-text labels — it just might take a while for the cached version to cycle out.

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