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Family Deserts 13/33

Family Deserts 13/33 published on 17 Comments on Family Deserts 13/33

Gloriosa: Oh, let go of me! Where did you come from? How do you know my family? Did she call you here?

Wait — I recognize you now! You’re that brother! I ought to have known there was some Iuilic scheming going on.

How can you be so heartless, conspiring to keep me away from my son? Maybe you just don’t understand what it’s like to have a loving mo–

Tansy: Larch? Whazzat makin’ all the racket outside?

Larch: Uhhh . . . nothing to do with you, babe! . . . I hope!

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this is, as the kids say, a BIG yikes.

i’m gonna fight her.

I gotta admit, if I were in Thorn’s shoes right now I’m afraid I’d suddenly forget everything I ever learned about nonviolent conflict resolution.

This is unfortunately, all too real. Thorn is great, waiting to see what she will do, ready for whatever.

Boss? Gloriosa’s eye color is inconsistent between panel 1 and 2. Not trying to nitpick, but I notice small changes in people and places. Useful for when I taught special education, as well as now that I work as a professional organizer.

Larch. Don’t you dare lie to your wife. She’s gonna find out this is happening, don’t make her feel like you don’t trust her with it.

This seems like the comment that I have the most constructive reply to.
I don’t think Larch can actually hear what they’re saying, so he doesn’t know that what he just said is false.
Also, now I’m really hoping that one of them is dumb enough to take a swing at Thorn…

Technically speaking, this really has nothing to do with Tansy.

Yeah, I understand that Larch’s mother just made an ethnic slur against Tansy’s ethnicity. However, knowing people like this, I understand that this hatred is rarely about the people it’s directed toward, and much more about the people who feel it. I strongly suspect this was a problem for Larch before he got involved with someone from the ethnicity his parents detested. As stated yesterday, Larch’s sibling doesn’t talk to the parents either, so this is absolutely not specific to Tansy.

The labels on my web browser are still wonky on both of the web browsers I’ve tried, FYI.

Honestly, it has literally nothing to do with the slur (which, I mean, Iullic isn’t a slur, it’s the socially acceptable term for their ethnicity, even if she still is being incredibly racist). My issue has everything to do with the fact that this dangerous woman and her husband have found out where they live, tried to kidnap their son, and are currently trying to break into the house. And Larch doesn’t think that has anything to do with her?? She’s part of that family, she has a right to know hinky shit is going on. Larch trying to sweep her away from the situation baffles me. Why wouldn’t you want your teammate on your team?

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