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Family Deserts 16/33

Family Deserts 16/33 published on 10 Comments on Family Deserts 16/33

Larch: Do you want to save the file while I check on Hawthorn —

Tansy (overlapping): Do you want to save the file while I go put on some real clothes —

Kale: I can wait, if you want to do both? I can even fix drinks, if you trust me in your kitchen.

Look, I — I used to be responsible for a special-needs kid. I get what it’s like. How you can always use an extra pair of hands.

Tansy: Ah, so you appreciate how I’d kill for a cup of tea right about now.

Kale: Wh — no! Who said that? Don’t know anything about killing!

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Ok Kale, just calm on down there.

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