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Family Deserts 17/33

Family Deserts 17/33 published on 23 Comments on Family Deserts 17/33

Out front:

Gloriosa: Ollie! Oleander Lavande, help me! One of my babies just came home —

— and he wanted to see his Nana, but that man grabbed me and held me back while a stranger dragged the poor boy inside —

Oleander: What?!

Who do you think you are, harassing a sweet old lady like that?

Thorn: Sir, she’s trespassing, as are you . . .

. . . and at this point, I can see you off this property in the polite way, or the rude way.

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Now we wait and see how complicit Oleander is in Gloriosa’s… I’m gonna call them shenanigans because I don’t know the proper word to use.


Sir please, there are children in this comic who might overhear you.

(I’m gonna call it Bullnuts.)

Fuck, did anyone tell Hyacinth to avoid the house?

Hang on, might Gloriosa be (at least part of) the reason Hyacinth turned from the happy, bubbly girl Thorn remembered to the not as happy, barely bubbly goth girl she is now?

We haven’t seen anything in Thorn’s memories of younger Hyacinth to suggest that she was happier then than she is now, nor does she seem unhappy now. And I can tell you from personal experience that being a goth has nothing to do with one’s overall emotional landscape.

Additionally, Hyacinth herself mentions that Larch and Tansy are vigilant about sudden shifts in mood because Tansy is perhaps a bit gunshy given Clover’s untreated Bipolar Disorder, to wit, “… Geez, Mom, Relax? I’m just refreshing my wardrobe, it’s not an early-onset depressive episode! OR a manic-impulsive spending spree.”

I am willing to bet Gloriosa and Oleander here pushed for major medical intervention for Hyacinth’s partial androgen insensitivity syndrome, though. I have no idea which way that would fall, though.

Well, I think that goths are not “bubbly”. Also, they may be same happy but less smiling.

I keep waiting for one of these pages to clear up whether Gloriosa is intentionally lying or if she actually believes the things she says and so far I am still 100% on the fence about it.

(ftr neither case is a justification, it’s a matter of character analysis)

My money’s heavily on “she believes it,” except for the obvious lies like “I live here.” Affectionate stalkers generally have an incredibly hard time believing that their presence is actually unwanted, no matter the evidence.

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