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Family Deserts 18/33

Family Deserts 18/33 published on 18 Comments on Family Deserts 18/33

Gloriosa: That was a threat! He has a heartsword, you know!

Oleander: Sounded like a threat to me.

We’ll take this to your commanding officer. We’ll take it to the media! We’ll —

[rummage rummage]

Oleander: You wouldn’t.

Thorn: Five. Four. Three . . .

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Is she just so used to spinning things that she didn’t notice that, yes, he definitely and very explicitly threatened her repeatedly? He wasn’t being secretive about that. He was having it recorded.

“Threatened” makes it sound like Thorn said he was going to attack or hurt them, when he’s never said that — he’s mostly giving very clear descriptions of the non-attacking things he’s going to do. On top of that, Gloriosa insinuates that Thorn is specifically Threatening With A Deadly Weapon, and he definitely hasn’t said that.

The magicy floating water with spirit is neat and all, but is there a regular valve too?

Also, revealing that you know he has a heartsword when he’s dressed in modest clothing- that is, nothing to hint at said heartsword- is pretty much a giveaway that you personally know this individual.

Oh. Oh Ollie, you fucking idiot.

Thorn is a national hero. He’s defending his relatives from trespassers on their property. You really think the Ceannis defense department can’t turn this around on you? Especially when that footage comes out?

No, Oleander. Don’t listen to Flyboy. Try it. Let your affronted innocence flow through you, and your journey towards the Dark Side will be complete!

I feel like the journey these two made to the dark side was completed some time ago. That having been said, regardless of how fully aligned they are with the dark side, they continue to have the option of not engaging in further stupidity.

I’m not sure the recording is still being made. It’s unclear of how effective a recording would be in backup up Thorn’s side of the story. That said, the Ceannic government generally seems pretty good about stuff, Thorn works in law enforcement, and Kale has strong supporters in the government, so I really don’t see these two being able to get anywhere with any case against Thorn.

Quick Question Erin: Can Trauma cause a mage to change focuses? Like, if Thorn was a firemage, could the trauma of the dragon slaying cause his specialty to change because he’s become afraid of fire?

Or would he still be a firemage, but one who was scared of his own fire?

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