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Family Deserts 19/33

Family Deserts 19/33 published on 6 Comments on Family Deserts 19/33

Hey, this seems like a timely moment to say: wash your hands! And do everything else you can to slow the spread of COVID-19. If you’re feeling healthy, avoid non-essential gatherings/travel, and stock up on food; if you’re feeling sick, even if it’s not with this specific bug, stay inside; if you’re a healthcare provider, please know that we’re all cheering you on.

The captions on the mugs are: (for Larch) “I really Alto stay out of Treble” and (for Tansy) “of Quartz I Rock”

The little pile of colorful things in the living room is a setup. Hawthorn is allowed to have setups.

Kale (thinking): I have so many questions about what’s going on here. I guess it’s not really any of my business, though . . .

There’s a lot of noise out front now. Must be Thorn and both in-laws. Maybe I should get video of that too?


Thorn: All right, the coast is clear. What did I miss?

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