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Family Deserts 2/33

Family Deserts 2/33 published on 17 Comments on Family Deserts 2/33

Larch: You didn’t tell this woman anything, did you??

Caller: No, sir. Standard safety protocol. She’s not on the list of trusted contacts, so we didn’t even confirm or deny whether Hawthorn is attending here.

Larch: We didn’t tell her that either! How did she find out?

Caller: Does your mother know that your son has changeling syndrome?

Larch: Yes . . .

Caller: Then it’s possible that she’s cold-calling every place with a summer day program for children like him. I can check with some other local centers, if you like.

Larch: Yes, please!

And I’m coming down there. Right now. If I wait in the office, can you have someone escort Hawthorn there at the end of —


???: Larch! We know you’re in there!

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Aaaaaand this is why he called his Very Authoritative Brother in Law.

Hopefully the police as well. It doesn’t sound like they’re going to leave willingly.

Crowns to crullers, Larch hasn’t called the cops.

The Content Warnings tell us that this chapter has “emotional abuse, including physical & psychological boundary-stomping”, and I am sadly very familiar with how that leaves people. Chances are he feels like he CAN’T call them, because that eliminates any chance of reconciliation, and he’s only kept them at bay this long by telling himself that maybe they’ll get better.

Larch is fairly easy-going, but notice that he’s not planning on picking Hawthorn up from the normal place. He wants to shield Hawthorn from them… and possibly shield himself, too.

And then WHAM. Final panel.

I’m gonna assume the worst, here. Grandma’s at the front door, Grandpa’s at the back… and that’s when Larch calls for Thorn to acquire Hawthorn, while using the home crystal to text Hyacinth to stay away from the house.

Idle thought: Grandma is WHY Hyacinth was reading Safety Ideas for Children books.

Oh boy!!! I don’t even have personal experience with people who are Like This and this storyline is still going to be a lot. I’m suddenly unsure whether 6 pages a week is not often enough (to soothe finger-gnawing anticipatory worrying) or almost too often (because emotional abuse is *a lot* to read about).

Also, I am impressed with the professionalism displayed by the person on the other end of the call, and upset that I find it impressive and not a matter of course.

Like, *not* taking Larch’s mom’s word that she’s supposed to pick Hawthorn up?? Wow, what a good job! …. doing a thing that really by rights ought to be the minimum standard IRL and sadly apparently isn’t because something something grandparents something

Well. I think the *smart* thing for me to do would be to forget this comic for a week or two, then read this all in one go until the part where everything is okay again.
Somehow I suspect the opposite is more likely to happen :p even though I forget webcomics in general exist half the time. Brains are silly.

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