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Family Deserts 20/33

Family Deserts 20/33 published on 6 Comments on Family Deserts 20/33

In case you were wondering where Niamh got to — she’s standing guard at the back door.

Larch/Tansy: Ahhhhhhhh . . .

Kale: So . . . I guess I’ll head out now? Out the back, since that’s where I left my dog.

Tansy: Thanks for all the help, Kale!

Larch: Yeah, thank you so much.

Thorn: I’ll walk you out.

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Waiting for the awkward questions Larch and Tansy are going to ask about how close Thorn and Kale are (assuming they weren’t told in a previous strip and I forgot).

If it weren’t for the fact that they’re in tune with each others’ emotions, I would be incredibly worried those bastards stole the dog. So instead I’m incredibly worried they’re going to make some kind of claim that Niamh tried to attack, and bring down media presence onto Kale. On the edge of my seat here, can’t wait!

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