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Family Deserts 23/33

Family Deserts 23/33 published on 6 Comments on Family Deserts 23/33

New exclusive for patrons! Edited/alternate strips from the past couple of storylines — including the rejected version of yesterday’s.

Larch: I got a smartcrystal recording through the front window, too. We can add that to the file.

Tansy: Good, but from now on . . . let’s invest in a full security system.

Larch: It’s not like my parents can afford to vacation in Central for too long . . . We can wait this visit out . . .

Tansy: Oh, and you want we should expect a polite heads-up before the next one?


Larch: That must be Hyacinth.

Tansy: We have a lot to explain to her . . . where do we even start?

Hyacinth: Hi, Mom, Dad. Can you explain something to me? Were we supposed to be getting presents?

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Yes, grandparents=presents.

That’s happened. Came home to a pile blocking the door. I never would have expected presents to be so fear-inducing!

Note: Erin, my “leave reply” screen is a little wonky. The fields to fill in aren’t labeled. I’m going off of guess and memory, so YAY if this posts ok. 🌞 Thought you’d want to know, though

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