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Family Deserts 24/33

Family Deserts 24/33 published on 17 Comments on Family Deserts 24/33

Ah, the perils of trying to be vigilant and restrictive about your social-media access…while also trying to be friends with people who don’t.

Larch: Say what now?

Tansy: Hyacinth, chickadee, what are you talking about?

Hyacinth: I got a PM on Facetbook, from an account that says it’s my grandma. Not Grandma Plum — the other one? And she asked whether me and Hawthorn have been getting our presents. I didn’t answer, in case it was really weird spam . . . so, was it?

Tansy: Your wallet-name account is still access-limited to friends, right?

Hyacinth: Mmm . . . friends-of-friends.

Tansy: Oh, dear.

It’s probably really her. But, listen — there are reasons we’ve kept your dad’s parents away from you. And it’s not “to avoid their amazing gift-giving skills.”

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I don’t hear the term wallet-name much, but I quite like it.

But what does it mean? Is it this world’s equivalent to username?

They don’t give what you ask for, they give what they want you to have.
They don’t care about your personal taste, they give you clothes they think are fashionable. (dresses in bright colors that aren’t flattering on her figure for Hyacinth, clothing that will set off textural issues for Hawthorn) The appliances are top-of-the-line, but accompanied with barbed comments (“This toaster has new anti-scorch technology! now you won’t burn it.”).

I’m lucky because my grandmother eventually just took me shopping instead of trying to surprise me with gifts, but there was still the undercurrent of “I’m not the problem, YOU’RE the problem” that lasted until she moved in with us and realized that I had been consistent since age 5, she just didn’t notice the pattern only seeing me twice a year. Also: she REALLY mellowed out after my brother-in-law threatened to press charges for assault after watching Grandma ignoring his future wife’s ‘don’t touch me’ request on the eve of the wedding.

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