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Family Deserts 26/33

Family Deserts 26/33 published on 10 Comments on Family Deserts 26/33

Tansy: Should we even get into their non-gift-related problems?

Larch: Like how they never could get over you being Iuilic?

Tansy: Or how Gloriosa wouldn’t quit referring to our child as her baby?

Hyacinth — when you were born, they found out about your condition and tried to talk us into cosmetic surgery for it.

Hyacinth: What?! Creepy! You never told me that!

Larch: We were no-contact by the time you were old enough to understand!

Tansy: When you were little, they knew where we lived, but . . . When I got the job in Central, and we moved to this house, we didn’t give the address to your dad’s parents. Or to anyone that we didn’t trust not to pass it on to them.

We haven’t cut off your dad’s whole family, so some details about our lives still filter through to them. We know they’ve heard about Hawthorn’s changeling syndrome . . . and about you changing your hair.

But our plan was for them to never see you again — and never to meet your brother at all.

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Why is it even fantasy-Jews can’t catch a break?

I tried writing a story in which fantasy Jews got a break, along with everybody else. I gave it to a friend to get her opinion of it.

She said, “I thought you said there were going to be fantasy Jews in this.” She also had a bunch of other problems with it, but apparently fantasy Jews who don’t get grief look a lot like fantasy Christians who don’t ever talk about Jesus.

Fantasy Jews who don’t get grief look like:
-take one day off out of every seven
-only follow one god, even if the setting has many, and constantly argue with that god
The rest is commentary, go study it.

(Serious answer: for fantasy Jews who don’t get grief, check out Shira Glassman’s Mangoverse series)

Also, I keep needing to remind myself that certain cuts of clothing don’t have the same connotations in Ceannis as IRL whenever I look at the neckline of Larch’s tunic. No, brain, a sweetheart neckline on a big buff guy doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay, thank you, shush now.

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