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Family Deserts 27/33

Family Deserts 27/33 published on 6 Comments on Family Deserts 27/33

The animal-themed pet names are a Iuilic thing. So Tansy and Thorn will call Hyacinth “chickadee”, while Larch defaults to “kiddo.”

Larch: It isn’t just you they tried to contact behind our backs today, kiddo. Your grandma was cold-calling childcare centers, trying to pick up Hawthorn without us knowing. They were here until just a bit ago! Your uncle Thorn scared them off.

Tansy: There’s no reason they can’t try again. We should set up some kind of family password —

Hyacinth: Uh, we already have that.

Larch: What?

Thorn/Hyacinth: “Franklin Roosevelt.”

Hyacinth: From when I got into that Safety Ideas For Children book — remember? It was years ago.

Tansy: Oh! That sounds familiar now. I think we used the wacky alien name because I didn’t take it seriously.

Hyacinth: Well, Hawthorn did.

Thorn: And we’re all lucky that Hyacinth remembered.

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I note that the field tags are showing up for me again, and I now see the theme selection stuff. I’m not sure if theme selection was not showing up for me before or not. But OMG Northern Lights is an awesome theme. (I’d just thought people were talking about browser themes before, not something specific to this site.)

We autistic people are quite good at taking things seriously when others don’t!

Wish normies would decide if it’s an endearing quirk, or an annoying personality flaw.

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