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Family Deserts 29/33

Family Deserts 29/33 published on 20 Comments on Family Deserts 29/33

Hyacinth: It’s just — maybe they never knew anyone with my condition before? So they had to just guess how I’d feel about secret baby-surgery. If I tell them how, now, I actually like that you didn’t put me through it —

Thorn: Hyacinth — less than an hour ago, I had to physically restrain Gloriosa from hugging your brother. These people, what do they care about how you feel?

Larch: I know this kinda goes against everything we’ve told you about resolving conflicts! About talking it out and trying to appreciate the other person’s point of view!

Tansy: But in some situations . . .

. . . the other person doesn’t want the conflict to end, and there’s no “right thing” you can say or do that will reach them.

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I’m concerned about the look in her eyes in the last panel.

Agreed. She’s probably gonna pull a, “Yeah they’re my parents, but I might do something they haven’t!”

*I* wonder if she’s thinking about Angelica and Hazel.

Damn that last panel’s quote is real. Some people…..

I disagree with Larch.
It’s not that they don’t want the conflict to end. They want you to capitulate with NO compromises on their end. In this specific case because Larch, Hawthorn, and Hyacinth are their property, not persons, and they should be loyal, grateful servants of their creators.

This. It is, in my opinion, worse than wanting the conflict to continue.

It’s why my father keeps sending me medical advice links from the doctor who has been most prominently campaigning that it’d be better for people to die than for people like me (and my father) to exist. It’s better for me to be at higher risk of death than to be like that. Because I’m not a person who has opinions that matter. (Fun fact: despite having my MMR vaccine, I’ve had mumps and measles multiple times. If I hadn’t gone into that with some heightened immunity, I can’t imagine I’d have survived childhood.)

If my parents serve as a good model for Larch’s parent’s feelings, they also feel that Tansy is their property, they just don’t want her to be.

I can’t find the strip where we found out what Hyacinth’s Condition is…

Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome. Cliff’s Notes: Hyacinth is genetically male, but her cells don’t respond to androgens(such as testosterone) as thoroughly as those of a genetic male who doesn’t have PAIS would, so her body developed female sex characteristics instead of male ones.

Or, as Vine puts it, “[Hyacinth] has perfectly good testosterone, and she’s hardly even using it!“.

Apologies if I explained incorrectly.

I have only one minor but important correction she is genetically XY which typically results in a male phenotype but didn’t in her case due to her PAIS her body doesn’t respond to androgens(such as testosterone) in some ways. As I said minor but important correction at least coming from a person familiar with trans culture.

P.s., since Grammarly is telling me the above, comes off as direct I should mention I tend to like to be precise in my language and might not understand word usage in colloquial language as other people might.

Man, this comic just keeps on giving amazing representation of all kinds of people – even horrible ones like Larch’s parents! But it’s important to talk about those topics, of course. And unlike some clumsier attempts to bring representation into media, it always feels very natural and realistic in this world.

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