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Family Deserts 3/33

Family Deserts 3/33 published on 13 Comments on Family Deserts 3/33

Larch: So, my parents are here. Not lurking outside the Center. But I’m still picking Hawthorn up — as soon as I can sneak out the back —


???: Larch?? Sweetie, can’t you hear us??

Larch: . . . So much for that plan! Okay, uh . . . My wife took a red-eye back from a conference this morning. She might still be on the road . . .


Larch (whispering): So much for that plan.

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I suddenly remember my Spaceballs.

I don’t. Please remind me?

You don’t get to call someone sweetie when you are trying to force entry to their home.

But, Autistic Observer! It’s for Larch’s own good! Clearly informing Mumsy and Popsicle just slipped his mind, and certainly wasn’t an attempt by their little prince to shut them out of his life permanently! And if it was? It wasn’t HIS idea… it was the Iud harpy he married, twisting his mind. But everything will be better now because they’re here to show him the way home.

(Use of slur intended above. Panel 2.)

*Checks watch* Khyrin’s making what’ll prove an accurate prediction. Must be a day ending in Y.

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