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Family Deserts 30/33

Family Deserts 30/33 published on 1 Comment on Family Deserts 30/33

Thorn: Listen, how about this. Tansy, Larch — come up with a list of guidelines for Hyacinth to follow if she decides to contact her grandparents. I know there’s information she shouldn’t share with them. And any other safety rules you can think of.

Hyacinth, if you decide to answer . . . promise you won’t do it until after you get the list?

Hyacinth: Sure, of course!

Thorn: . . . and unless you want my input, I can grab my stuff and head out, I guess? Or unless you’ll feel safer if I stay in the area a while longer.

Tansy: Larch, do you . . . ?

Larch: I don’t mind! Gosh, we’ve kept Thorn here much too long.

I hope this didn’t get in the way of dealing with something important!

Thorn: Not at all. If anything, it helped.

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