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Family Deserts 33/33

Family Deserts 33/33 published on 16 Comments on Family Deserts 33/33

Thorn: . . . so how was your day, Tiernan? Not as exciting as mine, I hope! Let’s check the privacy on this Facetbook event, okay?

— huh, the confirmed attendance went down by one. I hope Kale didn’t decide today was too much for him.

Oh, good, he’s still there! Looks like we lost a teen in all black. That must be one of Hyacinth’s friends. . . . and now the whole thing is locked to anyone who’s not specifically invited.

Too late to deter Larch’s parents, unfortunately — but let’s hope we can avoid any other unwanted guests.

Tiernan (thinking): Okay, audience — go ahead and start placing your bets.

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LET’S GO BRAMBLE! *Clap clap clapclapclap*

why would Bramble be an UNWANTED guest?

Touche, I withdraw my statement.

I don’t think a full withdrawl is necessary.

Personally, I’ll be rooting for Bramble DYNAMIC ENTRYing to provide an unexpected but timely backup for the threat that will surely be cropping up at the party.

No contest. There will be something or other that will read its ugly head. (Otherwise, this story would get boring fast.) The only real question is how bad is it going to be.

Seems likely that no one will die. The ugly in this story, starting with the first strip anyhow, has been mostly emotional. Other than the mining disaster, the only deaths I can think of are in backstories.

I’m gonna go with someone clocking Kale, but as an admirer of his, rather than a victim.

“You did so much good! y’know… before the… uh… before the non-consensual brainwashing and murders.”

The comic says “Family Limited ◆ End”, but everywhere else the arc is called “Family Deserts”. Also, I just realized that it’s called “Family Deserts” instead of “Family Desserts” (to contrast with the previous “Family Dinner”). How much of this is intentional?

Whoops, it should’ve ended with the same title. (I went through a couple different options before settling on the final one.)

It’s wordplay! So it sounds like it goes with Family Dinner, even though it’s not spelled “dessert” because there are no desserts in it. Just deserts.

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