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Family Deserts 4/33

Family Deserts 4/33 published on 15 Comments on Family Deserts 4/33

Larch: You have Hawthorn’s uncle on the list of trusted contacts, right? Thorn Estragon?

Caller: Checking . . . yes.

There’s a photo, too, so we’ll be able to verify — Hold up, is this the same Thorn Estragon who’s been on the news? The sexy dragonslayer?

Larch: Uh . . . I don’t see sexiness, but he’s the dragon guy, yeah. Hang on while I find out if he’s available today.

Larch (thinking): Hopefully he’s not in the middle of something he can’t leave . . . Like guard duty . . . Or PTSD therapy . . . Or fighting the latest improbable monster that showed up downtown . . .

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oh, I suppose that’s the fertility clinic context, huh

Oh, thanks for this comment, I read that bubble as “I don’t see *his* sexiness” but went back and reread.
That’s cool!

Oh wow, yeah, I noticed that the word “his” wasn’t there, but I still interpreted the sentence to mean something like “I don’t see sexiness [when I look at him].” It’s distressing sometimes how constrained my initial assumptions are. :-/

They may also have gone to the fertility clinic just for genetic screening, since Tansy strikes me as the sort of person who doesn’t let you forget that the screening exists, and not just for screening OUT, but so you can be prepared to give your prospective child everything they need to flourish in any permutation of genes.

I’m wondering why Thorn feels likes it’s necessary/appropriate to get Kale involved in this situation.

Possible Scenarios:
Thorn distracts the grandparents while Kale and Hawthorn sneak in through a window.

Thorn wants someone to document his confrontation with the grandparents from a third-person perspective.

Thorn wants backup, but doesn’t want to pull any of his off-duty teammates into this mess.

Thorn is involving Kale at this juncture not as a test of character, but as an outright act of “You trusted me with your full story, I’m trusting you back to encourage that behaviour because I want to see you flourish.”

Ceannic law may have certain loopholes that Thorn can exploit in the presence of Kale, e.g. formally deputizing Kale in some fashion to increase Thorn’s legal standing for whatever is the plan.

The last one doesn’t work. Law enforcement officers can deputize in times of emergency or extreme need, not military.

How did you became such expert on Ceannic law? Is it written on wiki or somewhere?

Flyboy is applying Real World Laws. In common law, Posse comitatus is a group of people mobilized by a conservator of the peace (Usually a sheriff) to suppress lawlessness or defend the county. See Also: Old timey western sheriffs ‘rustling up’ a posse to get them no-good bank robbers.

The Posse Comitatus Act in the US forbids the use of US Army and US Air Force for posse comitatus or for law enforcement purposes without the approval of Congress. The US Navy and US Marine Corps are not expressly forbidden by the Act, but their internal regulations effectively lock them into the Act as well. National Guard personnel can be activated under State Active Duty to bypass the Act for disaster relief or Homeland Defense missions.

As for where I was going with that final scenario: what I was TRYING to express and failing deeply is Kale, as a normal citizen, could make a Citizen’s Arrest when Thorn could not because reasons.

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