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Family Deserts 5/33

Family Deserts 5/33 published on 9 Comments on Family Deserts 5/33

And so:

Thorn (calling): Hi, Larch — I’m en route to get Hawthorn now.

Also, this is my friend Kale. You were going to meet him at the party. Say hi, Kale.

Kale: Hi.

Thorn: I’d like to give him the short version of what’s going on.

I trust him — and if I can go in with backup, you shouldn’t even need to set foot outside.

Larch: R-really? If you say he’s cool, then yes — please do! I would feel so much safer.

Kale: Are these people we’re talking about, or some kind of chaos spirits??

Thorn: I want to say people . . . but I wouldn’t put money on it.

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*Gripping the bat* Okay, if Thorn’s talking shit? I’m gonna put these people on the same tier as the leeches.

Please keep your arms and legs inside the emotional rollercoaster at all times, and wait for an attendant to release your restraints at the end of the ride. Cathartic Piñatas will be provided gratis at the Destination™ gift shop. Thank you, and have a nice day!

Bonus points to Thorn for showing Larch what Kale looks like and telling him that he’s bringing Kale along with him.

Specifically, ASKING if it’s ok to bring Kale.

Of course — he said at the end of the last storyline that he’d double-check with Larch.

Thorn is having alllll his ducks in a row on this one.

I’m not sure it’s a fair situation to put Kale in even so, throwing him in at the deep end. Thorn is doing the best he can, yes, but if I were Kale, I’d be hesitant to end up on the fringes of someone else’s crisis.

True, I have never regretted getting involved in trying to keep even a friend of a friend safe and protected, but I also haven’t (yet) had to deal with being on the literal front line, and not before I met them in person.

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