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Family Deserts 6/33

Family Deserts 6/33 published on 14 Comments on Family Deserts 6/33

Thorn: . . . so it wasn’t necessarily a kidnapping attempt, but we don’t want them getting the address, just in case. You’d better wait out here. I’ll be right back.

Hi, Hawthorn!

Staff: You’re here for him? Can I see some ID real quick?

Thorn: Absolutely.

I even remember the password! “Franklin Roosevelt.”

Hawthorn: That’s right.

Staff: Hey, that’s the wacky alien from that sci-fi comedy show!

Thorn: Sure is . . . you can tell by the hilarious nonsense name.

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Aww, Hawthorn’s so cute

Is it just me, or is Hawthorn wearing some kind of dress/skirt? (Not judging, just curious)

He’s wearing the same kind of garment as Kale and Thorn, just not with the pants underneath!

I’d call it a tunic because of the medieval/Ren-faire aesthetic Ceannis has, but yeah, there’s no substantial physical difference that makes it *not* a dress.

Hawthorn has a very cute outfit! Also did the family try and kidnap him what the shit–

They absolutely tried to. I’m fairly certain that “we acquired your child with intent to return them home without informing you and/or without prior assent’ is still kidnapping.

Hahahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh oohh no is that why Hawthorn uses a Trust Password to begin with??

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