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Family Deserts 8/33

Family Deserts 8/33 published on 10 Comments on Family Deserts 8/33

Thorn: My sister’s family lives in the big building on top of the hill. First unit on the right.

Looks like one of Larch’s parents is out front — let’s try the back. You two wait on the steps, and stay out of sight until I give the okay.

. . . okay, it sounds like someone’s up there too. Hawthorn has the keycode. Once it’s clear, go inside and lock the door behind you.

Kale: Uh, Thorn, aren’t you coming with us?

Thorn: I’ll come inside after I make them leave. I killed a dragon, remember? They can’t be that much worse.

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Why are they not calling the cops? This reaction is going far beyond “annoyance” into “harassment”.

Calling the cops is often the wrong thing to do if you want to deescalate a situation.

Escalation of force. They want to fuck with the family in their own home? Call the cops to force the fuckers off the property.

They’re his parents so that makes it a lot more complicated-Particularly if Larch cares about them but just wants to be able to raise his child without their meddling. You can love your parents and need them to keep their distance. That’s VERY much true of me with my Mom. Burning all your bridges with napalm is a bad idea.

And also do you REALLY think the cops will look at these old people and say “Oh these clearly loving grandparents are the problem here”. Probably not. They might even help them out. Hell, depending on how manipulative they’re feeling they could convince the police that Hawthorne is in danger.

Plus, Thorn IS a keeper of the peace. I doubt the cops would be more efficient of effective. I can’t see a single way that calling the cops would be helpful.

Further escalation to legal restraint. You want to keep bugging us? Have fun answering the court summons after we file.

That’s the question: does Larch want to escalate as Flyboy proposes, or de-escalate as others are discussing? So far, he doesn’t want to escalate. Is it the correct decision? Depends. But in the meantime, we get to see Thorn in action, so the audience are the winners.


Larch is clearly past the age of majority, removing all parental control and legal responsibility. His parents have zero right to contact him against his will, and as far as ‘Hawthorn is in danger’, you call CPS or DHS, you don’t try to extract the child yourself.

That said, one COULD argue that Larch is trying to disguise that the grandparents found the right home, but they’re outside the door, and they CALLED the camps. They Know.

We don’t even know for sure what they did, but I really hope that a restraining order is in the future because of these shenanigans.

It’s also very important to remember that it’s easy to tell someone what they should do in a situation like this, because you are looking at it from a calm and rational outside perspective. Once you are actually being confronted by the situation in real time, rationality starts to go out the window and panic sets in. Logic that seems obvious to an outsider gets obscured by emotion and the very, very human instinct to preserve your relationship with your family. Even when you know they absolutely don’t deserve it.

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