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Family Dinner 1/14

Family Dinner 1/14 published on 2 Comments on Family Dinner 1/14

New storyline! A family get-together, and just in time for Thanksgiving….


Capitol Heights Apartments.

Tansy: Thorn! Welcome back to the city!

Thorn: Tansy! How’s my favorite big sister?

Tansy: Doing great. C’mere, you.

I hope you have pictures from the observatory! The kids thought it looked so cool, but I told them you were too busy for us to visit.

Thorn: I wasn’t too busy!

Tansy: Yeah, but the trip would’ve been too expensive, so I told them you were too busy.

Thorn: Ah.

Larch: Is that your brother I hear, honey?

Tansy: Yes, it is!

Thorn: Hi, Larch.

Larch: Hey, army guy. Look who’s been bulking up! How about you and me have a little wrestling match, eh? Ready to lose this time?

Thorn: Maybe later. After dinner?

Tansy: And after you move the furniture! If you demolish the couch again, you’re gonna be sleeping on it.

Thorn: Also . . . after I get what I came here for. Where’s my girl?

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