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Family Dinner 12/14

Family Dinner 12/14 published on 1 Comment on Family Dinner 12/14

Fourteen years ago.

Larch: Aha! Do you yield?

Thorn: Yep, Larch. You sure got me.

Larch: Hang on . . . Did you let me pin you?



Larch: Don’t do that! If I wanted easy wins to make myself look good, I wouldn’t pick fights with a guy in military training. I ask you to spar because I know you’re good at this, and I’m trying to get better!



Thorn: It’s not just muscle, is it? You’ve picked up some new moves!

Larch: Sure did! Ever seen one like —


Thorn: Yes, I’ve seen it.

Larch: But I was on a roll for a while there, right?

Thorn: Yes! Thanks for the workout.

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Yeah, I’ve always been against the concept of letting someone win. Whether it’s someone doing it to me, or me doing it to someone else. To me it’s a sign of disrespect, and I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s an okay thing to do.

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