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Family Dinner 3/14

Family Dinner 3/14 published on 6 Comments on Family Dinner 3/14

Thorn: My apartment’s all fixed up, so you can come home with me now! Yes, you can!

Tiernan: Purr.

Larch: Typical cat. For a year we feed it, take care of it, play with it . . . but the second Thorn gets back, it cuddles up to him like we never existed.

Tansy: You remember that Tiernan isn’t an ordinary pet, right? He got her as a therapeutic aid.

Went through an emotional — and expensive — bonding ritual. That cat is, almost literally, his soulmate.

Larch: Yeah, sure . . . but we gave it Frisky’s Fancy Tuna Snacks!

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Kitty Soulmate?
Hey, Jealousy…
More seriously, this is awesome, and I want to hear all about the various complications and benefits of this sort of bonding

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