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Family Dinner 7/14

Family Dinner 7/14 published on 5 Comments on Family Dinner 7/14

Thorn: But whatever Sønheim’s problems, it’s better if we push to fix them through diplomacy. Nobody wants another era of wars. It’s our ambassadors who make that change possible.

Our countries have managed to keep a grudging peace for decades. I’m proud to be doing my part.

Hyacinth: Would we still be so big on diplomacy if Sønheim didn’t control the best gemstone deposits? Like, practically all our spelltech relies on them.

Thorn: Maybe not.

And maybe Sønheim wouldn’t play nice with Ceannis if we didn’t control the best seaports. And if cats could use swords, maybe we’d all be slaves in the tuna mines.

Tiernan: Purr.

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Hmmm … I don’t THINK cats are so stupid to not realize tuna is a fish and not something you can mine for, but it WOULD be better to tell them, just in case.

… or does this mean in your world there ARE tuna mines?

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