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Family Dinner 8/14

Family Dinner 8/14 published on 3 Comments on Family Dinner 8/14

Tansy (offscreen): Hawthorn! Come down, dinner’s ready!

Hyacinth: I’m still going to post in the Cloud about how oppressive Sønheim is.

Thorn: As a Knight of Ceannis, I can’t endorse you . . . or stop you.

Listen, you’ve been up to things besides political agitating, right? Tell me about that.

. . . Yes, sweet girl, of course you can sit with me.

Tiernan: Mrrrw?

Hyacinth: Mom never let us feed Tiernan from the table.

Thorn: Special bond, remember? She’ll feel some satisfaction just from me eating. In a way, it’s like she’d be getting fed from the table no matter what.

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I love that kitty face resting on the table. so much. XD

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