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Farewell 4Koma in Black #11

Farewell 4Koma in Black #11 published on 6 Comments on Farewell 4Koma in Black #11

Thorn: All right, Tiernan, I hear you! You want to go outside — I’m coming.


. . .

WiB: Hey, you! Just wanted to say goodbye to this version of you — because you’re so cute! — before I go back to the future.

Obviously Future You is still cute, but you’ve reincarnated, so you look —

Tiernan: Don’t say it! You can’t make any description canon, because the artist hasn’t come up with the final Future Me design yet.

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Can any animal reincarnate, or just soulbounds? Or are soulbounds the only ones we can communicate with to find out?

It’s the second one. As far as we know, all animals (including humans, but possibly excluding vampires) reincarnate in this setting. Soulbond animals are the only animals that humans have any way to track the reincarnation of, since the bond persists between incarnations, allowing the Human to find the Animal, or the Animal to find the Human.

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