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Farewell 4Koma in Black #13

Farewell 4Koma in Black #13 published on 10 Comments on Farewell 4Koma in Black #13

Iona: Look, Ragnild! The woman you can’t remember is back!

Hello! Why are you here? Is there another time crisis? Did you just want to say hi?

WiB: Hi, Iona! I’m, uh. Here to say a quick goodbye to someone else.

Iona: “Goodbye” because they’re leaving, or . . . ?

WiB: I’m almost ready to go back to the future.

Iona: Does that mean I won’t see you again?!

WiB: Of course you will! . . . but the next time you see me, I will be a shy awkward kid who doesn’t know you, so be nice and don’t intimidate me too hard, okay?

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Ah fuck, she is gonna be turned into a leech.

Forgot to say please. Just saying.

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