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Farewell 4Koma in Black #5

Farewell 4Koma in Black #5 published on 3 Comments on Farewell 4Koma in Black #5

Marula: Can you believe — after all our efforts to find Dexie the super-spy international fugitive, they just — turned themself in?? I spent months on guard in case they showed up, with a license to do whatever was necessary — and I didn’t get to eviscerate anyone!

WiB: . . . Marula, I’m from the future, so: I promise, you’ll still have plenty more opportunities to eviscerate people.

Marula: Really? You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?!

WiB: Nope.

Marula: Because if you are, I will find you in this future and make my own opportunities.

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So they DID turned themself in practically at same time as they were captured, meaning the important difference in timeline is likely shorter sentence due to turning themself in.

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