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Farewell 4Koma in Black #6

Farewell 4Koma in Black #6 published on 2 Comments on Farewell 4Koma in Black #6

WiB: So, you have a cat — Have you ever brought a new cat home, and tried to introduce them?

Thorn: Afraid not! I have no idea how that would go. Mine is a soulbonded therapy cat, so she doesn’t have typical reactions to a lot of things.

WiB: Hypothetically, what if you had a relative who came back from a long trip with a new cat, and was sometimes looking for a cat-sitter? How d’you think Tiernan would react to a short-term kitty guest? Also, since soulbond animals don’t magically live longer, say she’s gone through a few rounds of reincarnation by now?

Thorn: Okay, this is getting weirdly personal, and I did not tell you my cat’s name, so I’m going to back away slowly now.

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