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Farewell 4Koma in Black #7

Farewell 4Koma in Black #7 published on 7 Comments on Farewell 4Koma in Black #7

WiB: This shade looks amazing! I’m buying it all. Thanks for the help, Pascentia.

Pas: My pleasure!

WiB: I knew you would be the one to ask . . . Your makeup game is always on point, even though the albinism means your skin tone must be pretty hard to match. And I’m mixed-race, so salespeople have a terrible time with mine.

Pas: Perhaps people have a hard time matching your skin tone because they’re magically blocked from telling what it is.

WiB: . . . That too.

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Gotta be honest, if nobody could perceive how I looked, I’d probably always be in a T-shirt and slacks instead of makeup.

(And then I’d be very embarrassed in front of Iona.)

I went back to find the bit where Iona sees her in the theater because I couldn’t remember (ha!) what she’d been wearing other that it was Not Stylish, and realized that her blurred-out name here is DEFINITELY ACTUALLY THE TEXT MULBERRY

i love this attention to detail aaaa

Nicely spotted!

…Fun fact, every blurred-out mention of her name is the text “Mulberry.” When it doesn’t seem to un-blur into the right English letters, that just means I put it in a non-standard-English font first (like the Madoka Magica runes, or the angelic script used in But I’m A Cat Person), because I was worried people would decode it too easily.

I’d personally probably experiment with a bunch of styles I’m sure would not generally be ‘acceptable’ just because, and then probably arrive back at my default of ‘decent fits, nice colours, no holes’. But maybe with some (additional?) quirks. Then again, in that world, there aren’t too many ‘unacceptable’ clothes without being naked or exposing body parts that would trip my oversensory breaker switch, so perhaps not.

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