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Farewell 4Koma in Black #8

Farewell 4Koma in Black #8 published on 11 Comments on Farewell 4Koma in Black #8

Quince and Blush Noisette were the two best-dressed cosplayers at Thorn’s Kolpovision party. It hasn’t come up since…but I swear, this quiet background friendship has been in my plans ever since I sat them next to each other.

WiB: I’ve lived in this building the whole time you’ve been working here.

Blush Noisette: Sounds fake, but all right.

Quince: Blush Noisette?

Blush Noisette: . . . why, I do believe I’m off duty.

WiB: Hey, aren’t you one of Thorn’s knights? Are you a long-runner too?

Quince: I’m a knight, yes? But I’m only as old as I look.

Blush Noisette: Evening, Quince. 

WiB: Then how did you two meet?

Quince: At a Kolpovision party.

WiB: So, what, you’ve just been friends in the background this whole time? Why —

Quince: Uh.

Blush Noisette: Don’t see how it’s any of your business! Maybe the young man is into MILFs. What’s it to you?

WiB: . . . okay, she said that to get me to stop with the questions, and it worked. I am not going to ask any more questions.


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Pardon the potentially uncomfortable question, but this comic does make me wonder: how do age-of-consent laws apply to long-runners?

I have no idea, but in a world with mind-reading magic it should be fairly easy to ensure that there aren’t any pretenders that are claiming long-running to get around it, and those that are long runners should be wise enough to know the reasons it’s a bad idea to “get busy” (to quote The Incredibles) in a body that’s too young.

I’d guess there wouldn’t be drive to do it when they’re pre-puberty. Once that starts, I’d guess the early changes they go through would likely feel even more off to a long-runner than they do to people normally. I mean, yes, it is the normal process, but stuff would clearly not be working right in different ways than pre-puberty.

That said, once stuff is functioning more or less correctly, I could imagine a long-runner getting their stuff together significantly faster than someone who didn’t remember going through it before, assuming they didn’t have some held-over trauma that caused issues.

As such, I would expect that they wouldn’t have issues with super-premature activities, but could still run into trouble with some premature activities. But they’d probably also be a lot more prepared to handle the outcome. I mean, I’ve known first time parents in their thirties running into major problems because they didn’t know what to expect. I’d guess the long runners would at least know what to expect, so would likely know to prepare for it.

As for the physical reasons why it’s a bad idea to get busy in a body that’s too young, I’d expect they’d have a bit of give and take over the frustration in living in a body that’s too young. Very experienced long runners like Acai probably know more or less exactly how much they can push things… in part from having pushed them in prior runs. Knowing why something is a bad idea does not always result in one completely avoiding said something. Sometimes one merely tries to mitigate the issues. Per my earlier paragraphs, I’d expect them to not push way too much, but there’s still a boundary somewhere in there that I expect they’d push at a bit.

Mindreaders or not, longrunners remember their previous live in age where normal children are nowhere near clever enough to pretend being longrunner. So, unless it would be combined with some fake identity …

Also, yes, the main reason why people do those activities sooner than they should is they don’t know better. Longrunners should know good enough. Better than the lawmakers.

“Very carefully.”

…more seriously, the one thing I know for sure is that creating/possessing explicit material with physically-underage long-runners is 100% illegal. For the same reason it’s illegal IRL to do the same with photorealistic drawings/CGI.

… same reasons you say … I actually don’t understand those reasons. I consider the main reason to make explicit material with actual children illegal being the harm which would it do to those children, and I don’t believe drawing/CGI would be harmed, so …

…come on, think about it. “Photorealistic” is the key word here.

If the people who are harming real children have the option to say “no, Your Honor, this is just super-realistic CGI, so it’s legal”…then you can’t go after them unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it’s *not* super-realistic CGI. Saying “it’s illegal either way, so there’s no excuse” closes off that escape hatch.

Oh. THAT much photorealistic.

Ok, still kinda “there should be better solution we just didn’t find it yet”, also in this case I would consider to move the burden of proof instead of making it completely illegal – so, like, if they prove it would be easier for them to actually do it as CGI instead of harming children, why not – but I understand such reasoning. And it’s true it would totally apply for longrunners – proving that the underage actor isn’t longrunner could be problematic in some cases.

However, (not only) in US, you can get to jail for possessing “child pornography” consisting of manga/anime, which, like, why? How can it be illegal to draw something? Not speaking about the fact it’s obviously NOT actual human, the proportions are totally wrong, too big eyes etc. (Just look at Battle Angel Alita movie how those eyes look wrong when photorealistic.)

thanks for explaining that. wasn’t obvious to me either 😅

also I’m disturbed but sadly not surprised to hear there’s anime that would be illegal in that way. I’ve had to stop watching more than one anime because Suprise, Incest! 🤦

I have the same problem with a character whose puberty didn’t go right and he’s very smol (he isn’t human). He also has a husband and kids. Nah. Not asking questions. You’re all adults, you can discuss it amongst yourselves. Just because I made you doesn’t mean I wanna think about it lmao.

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