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Filling In 1/18

Filling In 1/18 published on 7 Comments on Filling In 1/18

Storyline warnings: references to Dex and Pascentia’s childhood abuse. Also, an animated strip (remember when I used to do those?) — there’ll be a “flashing image incoming” warning one Friday, animated version on Saturday, still version on Sunday.

WiB (thinking): Okay. I think I get it. Time to go gather some info.

WiB: I know this cleaning and muscle-relaxing will get reset by noon — but next loop I’ll still remember it felt good, okay?

Agent D! Hi! It’s me, [blank]. You probably don’t remember for now, but we’re partners! I need some expert advice about the other Agent D.

Del: Why, I was about to do a training course . . . But if you’re my partner, darling, then you can certainly keep up with me.

WiB: Sure! Why not? I’ve got time.

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Oh, I’m looking forward to the animated strip – the only other one I remember is Thorn’s PTSD getting triggered, and that really helped get the feeling across!
(also, Thorn explaining PTSD to Leif is my go-to when explaining PTSD to someone else – not that that happens often, I’m fortunate enough to not have it, even though I know someone who got it from our shared experience of our house flooding)

What happened in today’s comic again?

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