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Filling In 10/18

Filling In 10/18 published on 3 Comments on Filling In 10/18

Dex: Hello, stranger. Are you free to talk?

Hermosa: Hi, love. I’m alone, and the space is soundproofed. How’s . . . the thing you’re doing?

Dex: Staking out you-know-who? So far, a complete bust. I will accept my “I told you so” gracefully.

Hermosa: Dexie . . . I don’t know who. I don’t remember why you’re not here.

I don’t want to make you re-explain things, over and over, all the time . . .

But right now — As long as you’re safe to talk — I really need you to . . . to explain the things.

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And explain fast so I can decide if I should tell you about Marula being on way …

I don’t think the WiB would have set Marula on Dex’s *actual* location, if she was planning on this conversation.

I *especially* don’t think the WiB would have let Hermosa know about it. The conversation would have started and stopped with “Who are you and why did you set a saw-wielding maniac on my spouse?”

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