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Filling In 11/18

Filling In 11/18 published on 13 Comments on Filling In 11/18

[One Explanation Later]

Dex: . . . do you have any questions?

Hermosa: One. It’s — a lot of words. You need to give me time to do the words.

Dex: Of course.

. . .

Hermosa: How likely are you to compulsively throw yourself into a dangerous situation where you risk life-altering consequences, because you have unresolved guilt from sending me into a dangerous situation with life-altering consequences, and this is a misplaced effort to exorcise it?

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Those expressions, wow. You’ve outdone yourself with the art. I’ve never seen the same panel composition repeated speak this eloquently before. (Also poor Dexie, right in the guilty feels…)

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