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Filling In 12/18

Filling In 12/18 published on 4 Comments on Filling In 12/18

One of Dex’s “volunteer missions” was covered in In The Same Boat, and the others are from the Leif & Thorn Off-Shoots bonus stories. (Look for the title Leveraged Dex.)

Dex: My eloquent and . . . incisive . . . husband. Is this about the, ah, “volunteer missions” while I’ve been out? Because I wouldn’t call those compulsive. They weren’t anything riskier than what I’m trained to do.

A little impulsive, perhaps, in that I didn’t hold out for jobs that paid better — But I did get free boat rides and ice cream.

Hermosa: This is about the mission now. It’s about you observing Kudzu. When you find him, will you remember all your — Will you be able to — Will you be okay?

Or will your head fill up with how Northwind tried to have me killed and you weren’t there to stop it,

and Kudzu messed up my brain in a panicky bid to fix it and you weren’t there to stop that,

and when you were younger, you were the family scapegoat and for years you couldn’t stop that,

and your sister was the golden child, your father never hurt her, but if he ever wanted to, you couldn’t —


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Poor Dex.

Dex has had this coming for a long time. But right now I’m more frustrated with the Secret Order of Monster Hunters not having an in-house therapist.

Do we know that they do not? It’s possible for all I know that Dex just didn’t avail themselves of the opportunity. “There’s nothing wrong with me” and all that. They remind me a lot of my cousins who were incredibly reluctant to go to therapy, despite their abusive upbringing. They were also, incidentally speaking, very resistant to the idea that their upbringing was abusive, especially the one who was most directly abused.

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