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Filling In 15/18

Filling In 15/18 published on 7 Comments on Filling In 15/18

Delphinium: There, you see? My tip was the more reliable one. Agent D. Dex.

Dexie: They’ve found me.

Hermosa (on call): What? Are you going to go quietly, or —

Dexie: End call.

Del: You’re surrounded, darling. Just come along with us, and nobody has to be hurt.

Marula: Or resist arrest, and somebody could get hurt!

Del: Settle down, Agent M.

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I am unreasonably happy that the WiB didn’t give Marula Dex’s real location.

Even if you *can* fix everything in another loop, I feel like what happens to people in this one *should* matter somehow?

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