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Filling In 16/18

Filling In 16/18 published on 7 Comments on Filling In 16/18

Pas: I knew I didn’t understand Dexie, but . . . I didn’t imagine . . . that is, I never thought they . . .

Woman in Black: Uh-oh. Can I not use this after all? Something in that conversation changes either Dex or Hermosa in a way that crashes the timeline?

Or were you not supposed to have this little breakthrough yet? Should I not have let you listen in on the call?

Pas: You shouldn’t have let me fetch the towel.

WiB: Ohhhh.

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The great part about that last panel is that it doesn’t matter if this is a time loop or not (from Pascentia’s perspective), because either WIB is making this all up and the confession that she didn’t just get a towel can have absolutely no effect on things now, or WIB’s been telling the truth and the loop’s resetting, and she’s just given WIB a vital clue as to how to fix it in the next loop.

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